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National Daiquiri Day; Cocktails from the Caribbean.

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

How to make a classic Daiquiri, not the weird spring break slurpee thing

Easy cocktail done the right way.

So it's true, on July 19, we celebrate the national daiquiri day. Celebrations are the easiest part, you can always jump to El Tíbiri Tábara and have as many as you can. If you can't make it, don't worry, we got you with this simple step by step guide.

Daiquiri is not just the name of the famous cocktail. It is also the name of a beach and an iron mine near Santiago de Cuba, and is a word of Taíno origin. It was supposedly invented by Jennings Cox, an American mining engineer that was in Cuba during the Spanish-American war. It is also noteworthy that we can enjoy Daiquiris mainly because William A. Chanier, a U.S. Congressman introduced the cocktail on New York clubs in 1902.

The cocktail became popular in the 1940's, mainly because rationing made whiskey and vodka scarce, while rum being readily available mainly thanks to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt good neighbor policy. The policy made rum-based drinks fashionable, and the daiquiri was one of the cocktails of choice. Both Ernest Hemmingay and U.S. President John F. Kennedy professed their love for the cocktail.


2 ounces of white rum

1 ounce of fresh lime juice

3/4 ounce of Demerara sugar syrup

Garnish: lime twist.

Fresh ingredients will assure a flavorful cocktail. We prefer Puerto Rican white rum.

Step #1 - Mix it up

Add the rum, lime and Demerara sugar syrup to a shaker with ice. It is fundamental to use regular ice, so the dilution required it is achieved. Shake until the shaker is chilled.

Why is the rum always gone? Oh… that’s why.

― Captain Jack Sparrow.

Setp #2 - Make sure it is chilled

Chill a coupe glass with ice, and discard the ice. Use a strainer to pour the chilled beverage into the glass.

Step #3 - Decor

Add the lime twist on the border of the glass.


There are several variations that are commonly known. The Strawberry Daiquiri, Winter Daiquiri or the Hemingway Daiquiri are widely known and are great to shake things up, adding some complexity and flavor to this classic.


Have a drink, share the knowledge and visit us!

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